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CLP Professional Russian Weights Kettlebell from 2 kg to 20 kg, hard plastic, quality product, easy to handle and protection for the ground, with compact filling 18 kg

  • Solid weight in the form of a ball
  • Easy to handle and with floor protector
  • For professional use
  • Hard plastic with compact filling

Professional Russian Weights
– Summer is in sight and, is not the muscle in shape yet?
– With these dumbbells you will get the muscle to put on macha again and is in full shape
– Russian weights from 2 kg to 20 kg. To choose according to your desire and need.
– Product of quality, very easy to handle thanks to the grip that they have
– Hard plastic with compact filling
– With protector of the ground
– With professional design
– With the amount of indicated weight in kg
– In Color black

Of course, you will get in this product the complete legal guarantee and a VAT invoice.

Price: EUR 24,90

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